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Why i2Co School?

School of Creative Leadership + Design + Innovation.

(i) stands for the shift from an EGO-system (where the most important was me - i) to (2) an ECO-system (CO) where it is all about us, about COming together and uniting from the heart (COre) to re-COnnect, COllaborate and CO-create a better and more inclusive future of emerging possibilities for all.

(i) reflects openness and self – awareness to embrace a lifetime journey on personal mastery, a continuous discovering of our own capacity and potential and the constant development of our character and leadership skills in order to be happier and serve better. 

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At i2Co School we are committed to shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution by enabling transformative leaders to create meaning for themselves and value for others.


Transformative leaders will learn and be ready to:

·      Embrace high degrees of uncertainty and low degrees of predictability.
·      Co-create agile and adaptive concepts.
·      Adopt a systemic and holistic approach: understand problems in their full context including all the stakeholders.
·      Ask and answer powerful questions, moving from problem / past-oriented questions (that focus on what has happened) to future / solution-oriented questions.
·      Reframe the problems to alter / broaden the ways of thinking and to open more room for finding creative solutions.
·      Be Present: being self-aware and connected to one´s self, to the here and now, and to others.
·      Take a risk, experiment and try something new. Learning happens at the edge and we will create a safe lab within which you can experiment.
·      Get into the habit of regular intention setting, reflection and journaling.
·      Ecosystem design: incentives and interaction practices that make customers/citizens collaborate towards common goals.
·      Stewardship: Checks and balances are in place to ensure the enterprise/government does not make ill-fated decisions or overextend itself.

i2Co MasterClass: Rethinking politics and government through design and innovation. Mexico City - Class 1

i2Co MasterClass: Public Innovation and Impact. Government of the State of Querétaro

We accelerate creative leadership to increase the possibilities of success.


If you are interested in any of our programs, write to us at cregil@i2co.school

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