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The world is facing increasing disruption and very deep structural transformations. In its scale, scope and complexity, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is causing profound shifts across all industries at all levels. Better approaches to public policy, new business models, new tools and enhanced leadership are a necessity as we live a transition from the EGO-System to new ECO-Systems.

We create transformational learning experiences through strategic design (design thinking) that allow participants to redefine how problems are approached, identify opportunities for action, and deliver more complete and resilient solutions. Strategic design is about crafting decision-making.

This MasterClass takes transformative leaders from i (self) to i (impact) going through a Co (process). Transformative Leaders increase their capacity to explore, open, connect, conduct and direct to successfully achieve Co-Presencing, Co-Sensing, Co-Visioning, Co-Producing and Co-Implementing. The i (self) and Co (connecting to co-create) are linked throughout the transformational learning experience where game changing innovation processes lead to creative solutions for civil society, business and government. By engaging with each other throughout the Co4i journey, transformative leaders are ready to help achieve systemic change and more citizen centered outcomes.

Tailor-made programs for:

Government: Masterclass Public Innovation and Impact.
Companies: Masterclass Innovation in Business.
Political Campaigns: Masterclass Innovation in Political Campaigns

Duration: 4 days.


MasterClass Public Innovation and Impact

Faced with the complex challenges that governments face due to the speed, scope and impact of such profound changes in all systems, i2Co offers a MasterClass on Public Innovation and Impact to facilitate the co-creation of solutions and public policies with citizens. . In this MasterClass, creative leadership and public innovation are empowered to generate transformation and impact on local governments and the cities and states they serve. This MasterClass has been designed with a group of experts and international creatives recognized for their leadership in the development of a methodology to accelerate innovation in governments and in decision-making. The objective is to empower governments to generate creative solutions, strengthen the leadership of teams and generate impact that multiplies. This MasterClass offers practical tools to solve any problem / challenge, generate creative solutions and achieve the greatest impact. The evidence shows that governments can achieve savings of between 20% and 60% in addition to increasing the satisfaction of citizens by providing better solutions and services. To achieve this innovation successfully, leaders in government must build a new infrastructure to make way for the creation of a new ecosystem of public innovation.


MasterClass Innovation in Business

The global business environment will be increasingly complex as the Fourth Industrial Revolution advances. This MasterClass offers a series of tools, design methods and innovation processes that allow companies to know much better the needs and aspirations of their customers to respond with much more attractive products and services and move more agile and faster with more processes. effective. This MasterClass contributes to the strengthening of the team (from the highest level) and to the ability to generate greater impact in the different areas of the company towards the interior and exterior. Public-private partnerships allow all parties involved in a project to understand different visions and generate more creative, resilient and comprehensive solutions.


MasterClass Innovation in Political Campaigns

The political systems have lost credibility globally due to lack of results and the corruption of the rulers. If they do not transform themselves and reinvent themselves soon and successfully, as well as being obsolete, they will leave open the possibility for populism and nationalism to settle and deteriorate the weak democracies. Only a citizenship strengthened with new tools will be able to prepare to face the challenges of a complex and decadent system. This MasterClass allows citizens who want to transform the government, acquire the tools, design methods and innovation processes to generate new platforms, proposals and strategies that respond to the most complex challenges with a more inclusive and proactive vision. This will allow them to generate greater empathy to connect with their communities and make them part of the co-creation process that leads them to build together a more inclusive and prosperous future.


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